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FREE mental health awareness poster! 03/09/2011

Posted by ALT in Mental Health Awareness, Patient Rights and Advocacy.

The other day on Beyond Meds, I posted the Icarus Project’s suicide prevention/awareness poster.  I think it’s great.  I think there should be more posters like it — posters that speak directly to the so-called mentally ill, instead of bypassing them.  Posters without any pharmaceutical funding behind them whatsoever.  Posters that speak to balance, wellness, and healing. 

 I made one this morning:

[click to download full size poster]

Anyone else care to take a crack at it?  Submissions are welcome…

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1. Susan - 03/09/2011

This is absolutely perfect!!! May I share?

2. altmentalities - 03/09/2011

Please do!

3. NoRx4Me - 03/15/2011

LOVE IT! I had to reject that label myself.

First, I was told, “you just have a chemical imbalance. Lots of people do and take an SSRI to fix it”. Then my “chemical imbalance”/”depression” became “bipolar” and before I knew it, I had a “long history of mental illness” and it was “dangerous for me not to take meds”.

2+ years drug and psychiatry free and SURPRISE! I’m perfectly normal! Albeit 13 years behind where I should be.

4. Amanda - 03/16/2011

I made your poster my background. Thank you.

5. Recovery Shmecovery « ella barnum - 07/21/2012

[…] I was cruising around the net for some “awareness” posters to hang at work. I found one that really struck a chord with me at the ALT_mentalities blog. […]

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