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The author of ALT_mentalities was once a highly disillusioned professional working in the field of mental health research (specifically, children’s mental health program evaluation and evidence-based practice). After nearly 2 years of “fly on the wall” observation of some of the industry’s leading mental health policy makers and researchers, coupled with extensive reading in the alternative mental health fields and first person encounters with numerous psychiatric survivors, the time came for ALT to share her dearly-bought insider’s perspective in the form of this blog.

It was a therapeutic, cathartic experience.  One that allowed her to formulate, articulate, and mature her nascent misgivings about the world she was immersed in.  One that ultimately inspired her to leave the profession entirely.

She is currently re-inventing her lifestyle, seeking wholesome alternatives to the dominant path this society recommends.  Successful and positive activism in the mental health world is one of the alternatives she most ardently pursues, and this blog will now also document that part of her journey.

When not musing about madness, ALT spends her time cooking and savoring whole foods, listening to, composing, and performing a wide range of beautiful music, and dreaming about a second coast-to-coast American road trip (the first one went so very well!).


ALT does not necessarily agree with or endorse all ideas, authors, blogs, articles, or links mentioned on this site.  Use your own judgment and critical thinking skills to evaluate all pieces of information contained here.  And, of course, nothing on this website should be taken as medical advice – please consult with the professional of your choice (preferably one who respects your wishes, goals, and beliefs about wellness) when it comes to matters of this kind. 


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