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An Open Invitation

Dear Readers,

I am increasingly finding that this blog — a space where I can say what I like about our mad society — is quite therapeutic for me.  I’ve been holding it in so long; to let it out without censure (and with an incredible amount of support from you all) is a truly cathartic release.

I’d like to share this experience with you.

If you have a psychiatric survivor story to tell, musings on our mad society to share, or a question you’d like to pose to other ALT_mentalities readers,  this blog is a space for you to do it.  You may submit anything you like to me at ALTmentalities@gmail.com for consideration — if appropriate it will be published.  It can be anonymous, or you can sign your name to it if you like.  It can be short; it can be long.  It can be humorous, or very serious (or anything in between).  It can be a video you made, a postcard, a picture, a canvas, a song…

It can be anything.

May the experience help you heal…

Yours truly,



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